Vlambeer is a young Dutch gamedesign studio made up of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman, aiming to bring back arcade gaming. Together they make the best games they can using precise game design, impressive code, old-school art and some other things that are sadly, classified.


Rami is the developer and business guy at Vlambeer. If business, code or any caffeinated drink is involved, it's probably Rami you're talking with. Most of the time, Rami can be found somewhere in an airport or an airplane, trying to further Vlambeer's goals.

Jan Willem is the game designer at Vlambeer. Referred to as the Netherlands' most productive game designer by some, he's the guy that comes up with the idea. He spends most of his days working with such furor that he once smashed a key clean off his keyboard.

The history of Vlambeer

Vlambeer met as Jan Willem was playtesting a very early build of what is now known as Super Crate Box. Rami, recognizing the potential of the prototype proposed a cooperation between the two, which resulted in some talks about great things awaiting in the distant future. Over the course of months they started to piece together the first draft of what they wanted to achieve.

At the time, the duo was studying Game Design and Development at the Utrecht School of Art & Technology, but decided to aim for the stars. After negotations, they convinced their school to allow them to found a studio in their third year as a graduation project. Their goal with Vlambeer is to bring back arcade gaming, to prove the world and themselves that taking a plunge in the game industry is a worthwhile effort and to become either filthy rich or really happy.

Sudden spotlight

Vlambeer quickly launched a flurry of titles that were critically acclaimed, made strong statements about the industry and were commercially succesful. In 2010, their debut title Super Crate Box was nominated for a prestiguous Independent Games Festival Award & praised for its elegant and minimalist game design.

In 2012 and 2013, their iOS title Ridiculous Fishing won both the Apple Design Award and the Apple Game of the Year award. It made a statement against the rise of exploitative business model in the mobile markets, and served as a banner title for creativity and originality in a market full of clones and ripoffs. The game was later nominated for a BAFTA Award and a Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences DICE Award as well.

In 2014, their highly anticipated dogfighting game LUFTRAUSERS recouped its original investment within a week. Vlambeers' Early Access title Nuclear Throne became a banner title for proper community engagement in the Early Accesss model, and was the first game to be sold on the popular live-streaming service Twitch.

Giving bac

Both Rami and Jan Willem believe giving back to the community is important. Jan Willem has created, organizes and helps organize many initiatives, including but not limited to Local Multiplayer Picnic, Utrecht Indie Meetup and the highly popular 7DFPS gamejam. Rami speaks to developers around the world, in existing and emerging industries, and has created tools such as presskit(), distribute() and gamedev.world.