New website launches, crowd goes wild.

I would like to welcome everyone to our brand-new website, now with actual content, proper interactivity and over 50% more fire. Anyway, the new website works, so that is nice. We've got some other things to announce.

First of all, papercraft! We received over 30 entries, most of which had quite some effort put into them, and what I've taken a look at so far looks really good. We still need some time to decide which one is the best, but you can expect the results later this week. The winner gets a SUPER-LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION OF SUPER CRATE BOX. (Yes, that's bold AND caps-lock.)

Second, we have another competition running. Winner will also get a version of the special edition. How do you win? Get the highest score on official Construction Yard SFMT. Good news for a lot of you: current world-champion ortoslon stepped out of the contest. This competition runs till the 14th of november, when we will announce how you can get your hands on the very last superlimitedsuperspecialedition.

Anyway, have a look around the site, tell your friends, be a facebook fan, follow us on twitter, join our brand new forums, bla bla bla, and above all, play Super Crate Box.

Oh, and Radical Fishing is coming out soon. ;)