Papercraft Contest winner!

We received almost 40 entries for the Super Crate Box papercraft entry - a few of which arrived seconds before the deadline; it took quite a while to judge every single one of them. We really want to thank everyone for the time and effort they put in the contest. With only one prize to give away, it took some arguing to pick the lucky winner - but in the end, it was clear to us which entry was the winner of that SUPER LIMITED EDITION of the game. But first, the runner ups!

The Super Crate Box SUPER LIMITED EDITION is for John Gottschalks' 'Yes, I did.' entry. There were a lot of great entries, including some very original ones, but the amount of effort visible in the winning entry is just baffling:

Winner: Yes, Yes I did

From the character to the flamethrower and from the enemies to the background, everything seems to have been painstakingly papercrafted to look as good as possible. And boy, does it look good.

Congratulations, John, you just won the first of the three Super Crate Box SUPER LIMITED EDITIONS!

UPDATE: John posted a wealth of 'making of' photographs of his entry in the forums. They do show how much work went into this one.