Survival 101: Build a raft of softdrink bottles

We've been quite busy after the launch of Super Crate Box, working simultaneously on the website, the forums and finally getting Radical Fishing to its destination. Quite busy meaning - in my case - a chronic lack of sleep due to cola overuse. Which isn't too bad as I can do more awake than asleep. My body contains 55% Cola and 5% water.

That's just last week and the week before it. If a tsunami ever hits the Netherlands, we'll be able to build a raft of these in a few more weeks.

In any case, first things first: we'd like to thank all of you who voted for Super Crate Box for doing so in the Bytejacker Free Indie Rapid Fire contest. Your effort was not in vain: Super Crate Box won with a landslide victory of over 95% of the votes. Much appreciated!

We also wanted to thank John Gottschalk, the creator of the winning papercraft entry has been so kind as to promise to send us his entry for our workspace. We've got no clue how we're going to get the entire thing over here, but we'll work something about.

Speaking of contests, the SFMT highscore contest for the second of three SUPER LIMITED editions of the game is still running until the 14th of November. The highest score on the SFMT difficulty on Construction Yard (with a screenshot of the game over screen, or a video of the accomplishment) wins that second crate filled with goodness. If you still want in, mail us your best score at

Since we have a Vlambeer Light projects in its very early stages that we can't talk too much about yet, I guess I'll be drinking quite some more cola the coming weeks. Maybe we should get these guys to sponsor us?