Dead Fingers

Good morning, Let's start with a quick update on Super Crate Box: there are 9449194 crates collected worldwide as I am writing this! Please collect some more, we plan to have cake at 10 million. We've also received a lot of great reviews, calling our game nice things such as the xylophone of the gaming world and crack cocaine. Thanks! We made a handy list of reviews HERE.

More great news: Our famous "get a highscore on SFMT(what does it mean?) competition" is now over! Believe it or not, long-time world champion Ortoslon didn't win. We would like to congratulate newcomer Matthew Martin, known to friends (that's us!) and family as poopballs. He managed to get 327 crates on Construction Yard SFMT. You can probably find him in the hospital right now, getting a very expensive finger transplant and bragging to the nurses about his heroic efforts. They might not be impressed, but we were and he did win a SUPER LIMITED EDITION of Super Crate Box! We will soon announce what you need to do to get your hands on the third and final SLE.

Finally, we are working on a small new game. We had an empty week, so we decided to make a proper space opera. Work is going alright, and we managed to get some very famous and skilled people on board to help with art and music! We are currently looking for name suggestions, preferably not containing the word space.

Here is a picture of interaction with a native shopkeeper on a newly discovered planet. SHOP

Here I am fighting robots in space. ROBOTS IN SPACE

That's all for now, I'm going to get back to work and design some bossfights and space things!