First of all: Thanks to everyone for collecting 1.1 million crates in Super Crate Box so far! To celebrate this amazing milestone, we'll be having pie on thursday. With that said, we've been busy, as you might have noticed in our sudden drop in activity. Besides wrapping up on Radical Fishing - which should be released somewhere the coming few days, we've been visiting Game in the City in the Netherlands and of course, working on our not-as-one-week-as-we-wanted-game 'Space Murder'.

But that's not even the most important thing in this post. One month (and a day, but never mind that) after the Windows release of Super Crate Box, we're officially announcing Super Crate Box for OS X 10.5 and later! If everything goes well, it's out by Friday on the Super Crate Box website. So, all you Mac-using fans craving for some arcade action, we've got you covered. We would like to remind you to be careful with your expensive hardware - we are not responsible for damage you cause to your iMac or Macbook.

Stay up to date about Super Crate Box for Mac through our Twitter or Facebook accounts. We'll probably be having pie to celebrate that launch too, because getting the game to work correctly on Mac was more work than we anticipated.

For those of you who kept up to date, we've been working on something called 'Space Murder', which basically is a one-week-project turned two-week-project. The above video is 6 days old, and we've been working away at it. We'll show more of the game later this week as we hope to release it somewhere near the end of November. We decided to do some more work on it because, with all the people who've joined in to help along with the project - AdamAtomic, FrankieSmileShow, C418 and Derek Bones - we really feel we should polish this enough to honor their contributions. And then find a good name. Maybe have pie for finishing that too.

For those of you who've been visiting Game in the City in Amersfoort last week - we've had a lot of fun. It was quite cool to see Keita Takahashi (of Katamari Damacy) and Brandon Boyer (chairman of the IGF) give Super Crate Box a few tries. Thanks to Dutch Game Garden for providing us with the excellent Indigo arcade cabinet the game was playable in.

You might be wondering how any of that last paragraph is pie related? Well, Jan drew this for Brandon during the event.

That totally ruined all pie for me.