Vlambeer at "work"

Vlambeer at work: Audiosurf

Ladies aaaand Gentlemen, and everything else that lives, lurks or is conceived on the internet – we’re proud to announce that past week was mostly spent by playing Audiosurf and Nimbus. Basically, we got barely anything done. Besides our effort to support Team Meat in their friendly conversation with PETA by creating a mini-game called “Super Puppy Boy”.

I think we’ve kind of run into the point where Space Murder is becoming a bit of a burden. The game just doesn’t work the way we wanted it to (ie. ‘fun’). Basically, we’re putting the game on hiatus until we find a way to make it fun. We’re kind of sorry you might never get to play it, but we would be more sorry if all of you had been confronted with what the game currently is. We’re not certain what we’ll do with the game, but we’ll let you know when we do.

Indie of the Year 2010 Don’t forget cast your votes for your favorites in the IndieDB ‘Indie of the Year’ competition. Super Crate Box is among the remaining 100 contestants and has been placed under the ‘Arcade’ header. You get three votes, so spend them wisely and if you believe Super Crate box is amongst the best indie games of the year – vote for it!

A little note, we’ve just started working on our next Vlambeer Light project and we’re really glad with how its progressing already. We’ll get you up to speed about the game as soon as we’ve got something to show off. Next #screenshotsaturday on Twitter, maybe?