Hello Kids

We actually got a lot of work done this week! The office is a bit cleaner, the new project is making a lot of progress and we even gave ourselves our first paycheck (1 euro per hour, beat that McDonalds)! There are now 4 days left to vote for the IndieDB top 10 indie games of 2010. As you obviously know, Super Crate Box made it to the top 100. If you somehow missed that and feel like helping us a bit, you can vote here: SCB on Indie DB. UPDATE: Bytejacker nominated Super Crate Box for Indie of the Year just now. If you feel like voting for us there too head to Bytejacker and vote on the right!

We would also like to say Happy Birthday to Paul Veer aka Pietepiet who did the excellent animations for Super Crate Box. We might also possibly maybe be working with him on our new project. Happy birthday Paul.

Finally, some cool news for people with money/private jets/living near Amsterdam; we will be doing a short presentation about Super Crate Box and arcade games at Ignite Amsterdam 4. It is going to be a lot of fun, and as you can see the other people talking there are super interesting as well. It only costs 3 euros and starts at 8pm! Be there and get an exclusive FREE autograph from me and/or Rami!

That's about all for now. More interesting blog posts will surely appear in the future!