V to the L to the AM to the BEER

hoi, I want to start with a nice poster:

Organized by JW and Paul Veer who also made the poster. Be there, and if you like you can say you're attending on Facebook. Vlambeer will be there.

Now that that is out of the way, let's get blogging:

We've been working nicely on our current flash game project, I've been fighting the flu and the offices are super cozy with 2/3/4 visitors daily! Can't get any more december than that.

There is also something really cool that we brought to the Netherlands from Canada. We can't say what it is yet, but it is standing within 20 meters of our office and makes a soft humming noise.  Expect a spectacular announcement next year.

We wish you a happy 2011 full of crappy AAA games!