We've been working secretly on a project together with, Dutch Game Garden and Paul Veer. The result of our cooperation: the second Winnitron in the world, the WINNITRON NL.

The goal of the arcade cabinets is to create a centerpiece for the local independent community by showing off the possibilities and successes of small independent game development like game jams and mixing in Winnitron-exclusive versions of existing indie hits.

The Dutch indie community is small, but has a lot of potential. The recent IGF nominations for Dutch independent titles as Paper Cakes, Bohm, Dinner Date and Super Crate Box prove that the Netherlands are becoming a force in the international indie scene. We hope that the WINNITRON NL will encourage students and aspiring game designers to consider going a direction that’s often overlooked.

Dutch Game Garden is dedicated to supporting the Dutch Game-scene and supplied a homebase for the WINNITRON NL and the cabinet it is housed in. The Dutch Game Garden seeks to accelerate the growth of the Dutch mainstream indie scene by providing wide-ranging support for starting and established game developers in the Netherlands, organizing game jams, meetings and events – among which Indigo, a showcase of Dutch independent games.

We'll try and bring it to the upcoming Global Game Jam in the Netherlands and other major events, so keep track of the Winnitron websites!