So, what have we been up to?

So it's time to write another blog post. We've been up to way too many things, drowning in work, interviews, talks and other beautiful things.

First of all we gave a talk at This Happened - Utrecht #9. It was pretty great! We had some nice food, spoke to the other speakers and then spoke about the creation of Super Crate Box. Funny was that we were the only game creators there, so we had a fresh audience of media-enthousiasts, asking pretty good questions. A video of our talk (with never-before-seen design sketches for Super Crate Box) should be online soon.

We've also been working on our current Flash game, and it's finally becoming fun to play! Kick Rami in the face at GDC to maybe get a secret preview. Speaking of GDC, we'll be there obviously! We're super excited to meet everybody and hug and talk and drink and play some good indie games. Jan Willem will be in NYC before GDC and we're going to throw a SUPER CRATE BOX PARTY AT BABYCASTLES. Cool people should and will be there.

We also got some nice IKEA furniture for our office, including a big hole in my table and a broken chair leg.

Finally, we're announcing the Vlambeer Super Poster Frenzy. Send us a super poster through mail and we'll stick it to our super poster wall. The idea was we would create a poster weekly, and have a nice wall within a year. Since we are rather impatient, please contribute and help us get all the walls and ceilings and floors full! If you've created something for the contest just send it in an envelope to our postal address! Thanks.