Vlambeer at GDC

During the course of tomorrow both Jan Willem and I will arrive at San Francisco, California. As you might be aware, we'll be attending the 2011 Game Developers Conference and its most important summit, the Independent Game Festival. This post is a friendly reminder of where we'll be for those of you that might be attending the event as well.

Vlambeer will be talking and answering questions at the WINNITRON 1000 together with Roy Nathan de Groot and Paul Veer, the pixel artists that worked on a lot of Super Crate Box' art and animation. This'll be at the Manitoba Booth (Booth 1137) starting Wednesday at 2:30PM. On the WINNITRON 1000, you'll be able to play the exclusive Super Crate Box Versus edition that is normally only playable on the WINNITRON 1000's hometown of Winnipeg, Canada and our own WINNITRON NL's homebase in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

It goes without saying that we'll be attending the IGF ceremony on Wednesday evening, and we're really looking forward to the entire event. We'll be at the Super Crate Box booth on the IGF Pavilion as much as we humanly can without missing all the other amazingly cool stuff that is going to be there, but feel welcome to drop by the IGF Pavilion to see if we're there. As far as the ceremony goes, you'll be able to follow the entire thing live on the internet, but we're a bit fuzzy on the details of that too. We'll let you know when we find out how and where it'll be streamed.

Finally, we'll be attending the Killscreen We're Throwing A Scandinavian Indie Games Party on Thursday evening. There are just a few tickets left, so grab yours quickly if you want to be there as well.

Besides that, we're just really looking forward to having some good ol' fun out there. We'll end up in a lot of unexpected, unplanned things anyway but hey, we wouldn't like it any other way.