GDC Aftermath

Well, that was GDC. We're currently sitting in a hotel room with some of the usual suspects, some of us jamming for fun - some of us working on something serious that'll be announced later this month at PAX East.

So, the quick wrap-up of things: Desktop Dungeons took the 'Excellence in Design' IGF award Super Crate Box was nominated for in what was a nothing less than well-earned victory. If you feel like it, you can watch the entire ceremony just above this paragraph. We were really happy with the overwhelming applause Super Crate Box got when it was presented - so thanks, attendees!

Also thanks to all of you who dropped by our Super Crate Box booth on the IGF Pavilion! It was great meeting so many of you in real life, and to face off with some of you on the WINNITRON Versus version of Super Crate Box. Speaking of which, it was really cool to finally meet the guys with whom we cooperated to make the WINNITRON NL a reality - and it was really fun seeing people, from famous to aspiring, giving eachother hell in Super Crate Box Versus. We might not have won the IGF award, but Super Crate Box was the most played game on the WINNITRON 1000 by far:

Finally, a big shoutout to the indie game community for being such heroes. It was great meeting the faces behind the games, the personalities behind the projects and the ideas behind the fun. We're getting back to work on the two projects we're currently working on, and we hope to be able to tell you mean as soon as possible.