work work work

Man, we haven't been this busy for a while. It's not yet finishing-Super-Crate-Box-busy, but it's definitely getting close to finishing-Radical-Fishing-busy. We've been doing so many things that it's hard to remember what those things actually were. I mean, we had another succesful indie meetup, we gave a talk at the Utrecht School of Arts on getting nominated for IGF (answer: no idea) and we designed and cancelled something called MUSCLE RPG, but most of all we've been working on two projects.

One of them has been going for a long time, and is finally shaping up into our second Vlambeer light release. We can't say much about it, but this is the pitch document we sent around two months ago.

The game has probably changed a bit over time, but expect to be able to play this on a nice place on the internet sometime in the future!

The second thing we've been busy with is Serious Sam: The Random Encounter. The game is looking quite nice already, and after days of testing I'm still enjoying trying to beat the battles with the limited features we've implemented so far. In an attempt to be interesting, here are some stone-cold features for the game:

  • More then 8 damned fine parallax layers per battle!
  • Underwater battles!
  • Bosses so big you can only see their feet!
  • Sweet, sweet loot!

We've been getting nice feedback and a ton of enthousiasm so far, thanks everyone! We'll work had and will definitely try not to disappoint Sam.

Finally, the awesome Ciro Continisio interviewed us. If you know his awesome interviews, we are sure you will check it out here right now. The website is Italian but the interview is in english.