Scoring bugfix for Super Crate Box

We are officially recalling all of the copies distributed of Super Crate Box. During recent testing, it turned out that the game wrongly awarded players points for the act of collecting crates, instead of awarding points for killing enemies.

The download of Super Crate Box has been updated to fix the bug, and players do score points for kills upon downloading the latest version of the game from its website at We took a break from developing Serious Sam: The Random Encounter to fix the problem, and is working around the clock to update the WINNITRON-exclusive multiplayer version of Super Crate Box to reflect the fix as well.

We also decided to include several other oftenly requested fixes in the update. Response to the discgun had been overwhelmingly negative, more often than not clad with profanity, so we made sure the discgun can no longer harm players during its rebound.

We are terribly ashamed for any inconvenience this might have caused. The bug must have slipped under our radar, because we personally never score far above 5 crates anyway.