Make a Game-day

We need to think of the children as children are our future & all that - thus Vlambeer will be giving a series of workshops at highschools in cooperation with a Dutch initiative called Games of Experience later this year. This week we did something similar to what we'll be doing later this year when Dutch Game Garden & NLGD asked us to introduce a group of highschoolers to game design. In our mind there's no way to get better at game design & development than designing and creating games, so we had 20 laptops with Game Maker on them and JW designed a basic platformer by the amazing name of Ultra Giullio as a foundation. The challenge was for those attending to change the game in terms of design, art, sound and code.

We think the workshop was a great succes and judging by the fact that the highschoolers attending were bummed that we had to have a lunchbreak halfway they all liked it as well. There were some really amazing results considering that they only had one school-day to work their magic on the abomination that was Ultra Giulio. Thanks to the guys at Corderius College for being such a great audience - we can only hope that the workshops near the end of the year are as fun to do as yesterdays!

On an unrelated note, we noticed that attention for Super Crate Box soared yesterday to the point that we could only believe Notch blogged about the game again - turned out that cynical brit TotalBiscuit posted a video in his "Wtf is..." series named "Wtf is... Super Crate Box". We had a good laugh with his slow descent into despair.

Thus, no news about Serious Sam this time, but how about Paul 'Pietepiet' Veer, our animator on Serious Sam: The Random Encounter (and Super Crate Box before that) promising you a blog post filled with info & animations from the upcoming game on Saturday? We think it's cool.