Just wanted to take a moment to say a quick thing about the Ninja Fishing thing. In case you've missed it, Ninja Fishing launched and is getting some extremely good numbers. We don't want to complain about that. Greg said it all and he said it way better than we could ever do. We don't want to discuss cloning and patents, because we think the only thing that matters is that we feel that what Gamenauts did is morally wrong. The worst thing is reading positive reviews complimenting the superoriginal design of the fishing gameplay - by people who have no clue that we even exist.

What we want to do is thank everyone for speaking up without us having to ask for it. While that one tweet, Google+ post, Facebook update, blog post, app review or telling your friends won't stop or solve the entire cloning thing, it does tell us that all of you have our backs might we ever need it. Nothing encourages us to work even harder than knowing there's people out there that care about Vlambeer.

Thank you for supporting what we do, so that we can continue what we're doing.