Super Crate Box' Birthday!

Exactly one year ago, we reckon most of you had never heard of us. Because exactly one year ago, Jan Willem and me were sitting in our little office in Utrecht and we had suddenly decided to add a single feature to the game we were about to release in twenty minutes. We quickly added some code to the website and the game and tested it.

That little piece of code counted the amount of crates collected globally and of course, that game was Super Crate Box. We released it a few moments later and from there on, it was just a giant rollercoaster all the way to this blog post. The game was a finalist in the Independent Games Festival, won several prizes and kickstarted Vlambeer. Today, exactly one year later, that counter is over 81 million collected crates worldwide.

We're definitely celebrating this birthday properly, but we're also superbusy with making sure Serious Sam: The Random Encounter has a good launch on Steam this Monday, the 24th. To celebrate both these events we're giving away five Steam codes to Serious Sam: The Random Encounter through our Twitter, Facebook and this blogpost, today. That means if you get it right, you get to play the game two days before the game actually launches!

The first code is ZX3DE-Z?0WN-79KND but of course, the question mark could be any letter or number. If you get it right, let us know you won through or our Twitter or Facebook so we can update this post! The first code has been claimed already! Keep checking our Twitter & Facebook for more codes later today!

Happy Super Crate Box day. :)