We are back to making games again.

Working on long-terms projects such as Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is very taxing for us, we were both pretty dead during the project, and I don't know about Rami but I slept for 20 hours after it was done. We're currently almost recovered, and finishing up all our projects so we can prepare for The Big Secret One.

Let's go down the list.

SUPER CRATE BOX IOS This took longer than expected, because we found out that spending time into making the controls better actually keeps making the controls better! The game still is a bit more difficult to get into than the PC version, but people are getting to 40 crates no problem. It'll be done somewhere in Q4 of this year.

RIDICULOUS FISHING If you're lucky enough to have been a random person sitting in front of Rami in the train from Hilversum to Utrecht you might've already played this. Right now focus is on getting everything nice for IGF. We've been ridding the design of useless junk, and it seems like everything is falling into place.

VENUS PATROL We changed plans around. Escape from a jail on venus. Travel through the sewers. Pop a cap in some guards in the hotel. This game is going to be better than Wolfenstein 3d. We make the game, art by Paul Veer, music by Kozilek. Lots of guest levels. A lot of this are placeholders.

FFFLOOD A really early prototype we showed first at our Fantastic Arcade talk is now available to play for everyone over at TIGSource. Give it a go. Let us know what you think!

STOCKHOLM INDIE MEETUP Come drink beers tonight with us in Utrecht or tomorrow with us + Paul in Stockholm! We are citizens of the world.