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We won a Dutch Game Award. It's the biggest thing you can win in our home-country of the Netherlands and therefore it is quite a humbling thing to get such recognition from the industry around here. Radical Fishing took home the 'Best Online Game'-award.

GUN GODZ is nearly done, so for all you Venus Patrol backers, we'll have some news on when that's available soon. For now, we thought we'd give you a short sneak-peek at it. Since the game is a polytheistic hip-hop inspired first person shooter, the best way to do that is release one of the songs the amazing KOZILEK made for us for you to listen to.

Our release schedule for the coming months doesn't make us any less busy than we were a few weeks ago, when Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was set to release. Thanks to everyone who bought the game and we hope you enjoyed the ravaging madness of a Serious Sam turnbased RPG. If you have any feedback there, also let us know!

As a general recap, this is what we're working on at this point:

GUN GODZ will launch together with Venus Patrol, although it is up to Brandon Boyer to decide when that is. Super Crate Box iOS is set to launch December 2011 and we're hoping we don't get overwhelmed by EA and all discounting their stuff. Ridiculous Fishing will launch somewhere in the first quarter of 2012. Finally, there's this abstract 2P strategy game we're toying around with, which'll probably hit the WINNITRON systems first early next year.

We're still not really certain about continuing with the embryonic-stage prototype called FFFLOOD, so if you happen to have feedback on that, let us know through Twitter or Facebook.