New website launches, crowd goes wild.

I would like to welcome everyone to our brand-new website! Now with better looks, proper interactivity and over 50% more usability. This one actually shows you what games we've made. Anyway, the new website works, so that is nice. We've got some other things to announce. We've been working in a sort of relaxed mood for the last few weeks on our Venus Patrol game, GUN GODZ. We've been having a lot of fun with our artist-in-crime Paul Veer and musical genius & hip-hop emotion-smith KOZILEK and that game is shaping up really nicely. We've been doing some playtests recently & tweaking the progression as we've been playing the game too much to be of any useful indication of how difficult the game is, so it's been rather interesting to see how others play GUN GODZ. The same thing goes for Super Crate Box iOS, where we've adapted to the strategy of letting random strangers play the game in the train.

Anyway, the new design also makes some changes to the way the website works. The forums are gone as an integral part of the website & we moved to a commenting system for comments instead. Saves everyone from having to sign up for the forums so we hope that'll get us some feedback on-site. We've also worked to make Facebook and Twitter easier to access from here, so if you feel like sharing stuff or following us on those sites that should be easier too.

I guess what we're really trying to say is that both Super Crate Box iOS & GUN GODZ will be available soon and welcome to our new website!