Super Crate Box iOS news!

Super Crate Box iOS It's been way too long since we had any real news on Super Crate Box iOS, so we thought we'd pick it back up again at some really good news: We've just submitted the game to Apple for review! Admittedly, it didn't make that original release date as the entire Radical Fishing cloning thing went down. On top of that it turned out the original Super Crate Box code is kind of a mess and the game is filled with little details that were hidden somewhere completely irrational deep inside the code. Halfbot has been doing an amazing job at finding and porting all that stuff for the past few months. Originally we were a bit skeptical that Super Crate Box twitch platformer controls would work well on any touch device. After some work we were pretty happy with the controls, but we think Super Crate Box deserves better, so we've pushed beyond that a bit: it turns out that tweaking, testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking and testing a lot with complete strangers in the train to work pays off: we feel anyone will be able to pick it up and play.

Super Crate Box is still hard as hell - it's hard as hell because that's what Super Crate Box is, not because of the touch controls.

In any case, now it's out of our hands and into Apple's. This was a way bigger project than we had originally anticipated and we take our hats off to the guys at Halfbot, who did an amazing job in helping us achieve what we originally felt was impossible: bringing you Super Crate Box on the go.

We'll have an actual release date for you as soon as we get Apple's blessing for the game. We're really excited to be releasing our first iOS game & it shouldn't be too long now!