Less than a week to Super Crate Box iOS!

It's just one more week! To be honest, we're kind of nervous. We remember launching the original Super Crate Box for PC in October 2010: We had just founded Vlambeer & not a single clue what was going to happen next or what to expect. We were just hoping for the best. Now, we're in the exact same situation again - on January 5th, we'll be making our iOS debut. We have no idea what to expect or what will happen. Super Crate Box iOS will launch January 5th at a discounted launch price of $0.99 (€0.79) - after that, the price'll go up. As we posted a few weeks ago, perfecting the touch controls turned out to be a good investment of our time, so we've worked with Halfbot to make sure you can enjoy real, fast-paced, challenging and merciless Super Crate Box on the go. If you'd prefer some tactile feedback, the game will let you connect with an iCade arcade cabinet so you can play Super Crate Box with a stick & buttons!

Now let's get to the really interesting stuff. This is the deal: There's a counter in the Super Crate Box iOS main menu, which keeps track of how many crates were collected on iOS devices globally. As soon as that counter hits 5,000,000 crates, we'll work some long, long nights to make sure there'll be a update with some new, iOS-exclusive characters or features! At that point, we'll also announce a new target for the counter!