2012 awards!

Our year had an amazing start with hundreds of reactions on our 2012 contest - way more than we expected. It took us a day to recover from all the festivities & another to argue which entries won prizes, but we've come to a nice set of winners.

The winners are:

  • "I heard it was almost 2012. sudo rm -rf 2011" (Bear);
  • "HELLO MOM *awkward wave*" (Markus);
  • "/////VLAMBEER_FUTUR\\\\\" (Kieran);
  • "Your ad here?" (Thomas);
  • "Flying cars, dodge swiftly" (Jakob);
  • "You guys are clever designers" (Tim);
  • "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish." (mejjos)
  • "Disc gun demands your respect" (Minasoko).


We'll be offering every single one of them a choice between a copy of Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Super Crate Box iOS or Venus Patrol exclusive GUN GODZ - each to be received as the game becomes available.

Our favorite one was 'Your ad here?' - and we're rewarding Thomas' clever use of monetizing shit with a single, physical limited edition of the Vlambeer OST, because we've started putting together a Vlambeer OST. We'll have details on what that is pretty soon, but we felt it was time to put the spotlights on the amazing musical talents we've been lucky to work with the last year-and-a-half. We love you, amazing musical talents.

So, thanks everyone, and welcome in 2012! - we're revving up for that Super Crate Box iOS launch on January 5th. Help us spread the word through Twitter or Facebook - needless to say, we're super excited.