UPDATE: Super Crate Box iOS reached 500,000 crates in less than 5 hours after release. UPDATE (II): Holy shit, Super Crate Box broke into the top 100 paid apps worldwide - without Apple feature or New & Noteworthy (yet?). That means this is all the work of all you amazing people out there supporting us. We're really thankful for your support & for helping us out! Let's see how high we can get this thing!

Super Crate Box iOS has released globally just now! Head on over to the App Store to pick up the universal app for the launch sale price of $0.99 (€0.79). If you double-tap that button, you'll have Super Crate Box with you on your iPod, iPhone and iPad forever!

The release is a few hours late for New Zealand & Europe, but a few hours early for the US as a result of Apple's automated release system slotting us at a 9PM global release. We (and the guys at Halfbot, too) are super proud to finally offer the game to all of you! Between the entire Radical Fishing debacle & perfecting the touch controls, the game took a while longer than we expected - we believe it has absolutely been worth polishing the game & its controls for that long. For those of you that still prefer the old-fashioned clicks of buttons over the smoothly polished touch controls, there's iCade support built in to the game as well!

Finally, there's one more thing we want to share. The frequency and amount of updates there'll be for Super Crate Box iOS is completely dependent on everyone out there. As soon as that crate counter in the game menu reaches 5 million crates we'll get an update of the game ready to roll out. So, help us out getting that crate counter to 5 million by Tweeting or posting on Facebook about the game. If you feel like further supporting us on this one, tell your friends, spread the word and let's make the Super Crate Box iOS launch something special!

Thanks for being with us for another launch, everyone - we wouldn't be here making games without your support. We love you all <3