Venus Patrol backers: GUN GODZ is in your mailbox!

For those of you that backed Venus Patrol Kickstarter, you should've received an e-mail from Brandon Boyer with both our first person shooter GUN GODZ & Adam 'ADAMATOMIC' Saltsmans CAPSULE in there!

We really want to thank Brandon for working on Venus Patrol, and we also want to give a shoutout to Paul 'Pietepiet' Veer for all the art in the game, Jukio 'KOZILEK' Kallio for the music and the Venusian rap and Adam 'Doseone' Drucker for the main theme rap and all sound effects. Without these people, this game wouldn't be the interesting mix it turned out to be.

If you haven't backed Venus Patrol, there currently is no way to get GUN GODZ. We're looking into ways to see if there's some way we can get the game to you - but we really don't have any idea how it's going to pan out. We'll let you know through Twitter, Facebook and the blog if we have any news on that.

As a little bonus, the first person to screenshot the thing that happens when you get all 52 triangles in GUN GODZ gets a little prize from us.