Just casually releasing an ancient prototype, announcing a game, discussing the future & letting you know what's up.

Two-hundred million crates have been collected worldwide. If you add up the crate counters in Super Crate Box & its iOS version you get a sum total of 202 341 012. Almost 20 golden crates have been collected as well, so there's just 80 golden crates left before the next update hits. We just let loose our stats on those numbers & our calculations put that at just over 1.5 million disc-gun deaths.

Just last week during the Utrecht Indie Meetup Jan Willem and I discussed that something felt slightly off about how things were going recently. Basically, Vlambeer has been focusing on earning money for a really big project that we want to do. We've been doing talks, events and a lot of other, great things. But we feel that we should put the focus back it where should be: making games.

Vlambeer was founded on September 1st, 2010. As you might or might not remember, the first thing we made was Radical Fishing. We remember high-fiving for being on Kotaku for the first time ever. We took a deep breath, released Super Crate Box and everything went into a maelstrom: we were nominated for the Independent Games Festival, we won lots of ridiculous prizes, flying out to talks and events and getting offers to work on a Serious Sam game.

Vlambeer allowed us to reach all of you, create games we wouldn't be able to make seperately and hopefully, in doing so, offering you something interesting, novel and creative to play. We're extremely thankful for all of you that support us - every tweet, retweet, like, share, discuss and sale allows us to make the things we work on so hard. In the end, that's what it's about, isn't it? It's about the games. We think we might've lost track of that a bit in all the madness.

So, we're making a small course correction. That whole money-thing for that big project? We'll work that out later. Actually, we'll just work that big project out later. The two of us have been doing seperate things for the last few months - ever since the Ridiculous Fishing debacle hit - and we really want to make a really good game together. So that's what's up next.

That thing above is the first mockup of a prototype we think has potential - so we've started treating that as a completely new project. We're not quite sure it'll make the cut, but it's definitely something we've been toying around with a while ago in the shape of Space Murder. Even though Space Murder failed back then, we think it is time to venture back into space sim territory. Actually, since we never released Space Murder - we've uploaded the last build we made of it just after the video.

We owe the amazing graphics and music that are in place in Space Murder to Adam 'ATOMIC' Saltsman, Francis Coulombe, Derek Bones and Daniel 'C418' Rosenfeld. They worked on this one with us before we axed it last year. So, fair warning - this is nowhere near done, it will never be done and it's full of bugs, incomplete art, missing audio, lack of impact and all that - it's just a prototype, it might take a long while to load. If you don't care about all that and just want to see what a unreleased project at Vlambeer looks like, give Space Murder a go here!

We're still releasing what we have on schedule (& we've got some nice things coming up). We're still showing up at A MAZE this week and Indiedevelopment and GDC Europe (where, hopefully, we can do an improved version of our Indie Roundtable last week) and all that - we're just going to be a bit more efficient with doing things that aren't related to making games.

We're still working on Ridiculous Fishing & we think we'll have something new to show soon. Zach Gage - the programmer on Ridiculous Fishing - has been a little pre-occupied with the amazing Spelltower sale. In the meanwhile, the feedback from the IGF judges included amazingly positive notes, such as "Ridiculous Fishing is an instant iOS classic" & "It's up there with the best of them as a great use to the device with brilliant art and an addicting hook. No pun intended." We'll keep you up to date about what's happening with Ridiculous Fishing.

Oh & by the way:

That was the official announcement. Bye!