We're back from Berlin, gave a talk at A MAZE, recommend you to go there next year, etc.

Now, let's talk some LUFTRAUSERS game design.

LUFTRAUSER was about feeling like the coolest person in the world. You sat behind your computer but really you're a pilot going 5 million miles an hour shooting enemies and making water splash up behind you and doing loopings all while smoking multiple cigarettes at once and reading the newspaper.

In the highly anticipated superlative sequel, we are bringing you more of that & we're letting you do it your way. You will be able to get dirty and build your own RAUSER from the ground up. By destroying enemies, completing missions and all that you will unlock new parts. Parts come in 3 types: weapons, bodies and engine.

A few days ago we finally got to a stage where we are no longer re-coding old functionality and just messing around trying out parts. This blogpost is dedicated to some of the weirder things we're trying.

WEAPON PART - CANNON This weapon is insanly hard to use at the start. It shoots a slow glowing ball of death and has super long reload. If you do manage to hit an enemy with it however, it explodes into a circle of tiny shrapnel, just waiting to blow up whatever they hit. The moment boats start coming into the game you'll be glad you picked this weapon, taking down these slow hostiles and using your superior acrobatics to avoid planes untill they get hit by the shrapnel.

BODY PART - MELEE We don't have descriptions in yet but this one will have something like: -80% health, you no longer take damage from direct contact with enemies. Fly into the bastards, correction, fly through the bastards. In LUFTRAUSERS you can melee boats.

ENGINE PART - GUNGINE If normal jet-engine propulsion is too boring for you, just mount a machinegun as your engine. Shocky movement, but anything chasing you will be greeted in a very special way.

One of the coolest-for-you and worst-for-us features is that EVERY single combination of parts will get it's own custom name. Some quick maths show that even the minimum of 5x5x5 parts results in a whole lot different names for us to come up with! Phew! You'll obviously start with "the original" but bomb-dropping+gungine+homing missiles will be "the widowmaker" or change the gungine into aquatic propulsion and the bomb-dropping into heavy armor and you will be piloting a "blastoise!". Or whatever. We're gonna buy some Coca Cola for Rami and some alcohol for me and spend a night figuring these out.

Another amazing feature of the different parts is that they will change the soundtrack. Different weapon? Different bassline. Something like that. Hell yeah. KOZILEK is gonna be busy.

Next devlog we'll tell you more about the enemies in LUFTRAUSERS!