PAX Indie MEGABOOTH! Oh and LUFTRAUSERS and Super Crate Box Steam and Ridiculous Fishing and GUN GODZ and Fantastic Arcade and The Vlambeer OST and The Limited Edition Crate.

After a long day and recovering from some jetlag, I have just settled into his hotel room in Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo and the Indie MEGABOOTH. JW is staying behind in the Netherlands, recovering from GDC Europe and working hard on LUFTRAUSERS, but he'll be over for our favorite little event, Fantastic Arcade in Austin, later this month.

A lot of stuff we've been working on for a long time is about to collide, or has sort of collided in the past few days, resulting in what is most the most obnoxious blog post title ever as well as the blog post title that most resembles what actually being half of Vlambeer feels like.

Here's the wrap up:

We've announced we're cooperating with Devolver Digital again for LUFTRAUSERS, after our work with them on Serious Sam: The Random Encounter was so much fun. Devolver Digital is also helping Cactus' and Dennis' Dennaton Games out on Hotline Miami. We're also working with Kert Gartner again for this and the Indie MEGABOOTH, just because he's Kert Gartner and makes the best trailers. We'll be showing a public version of the game at our booth in the Indie MEGABOOTH (booth #672) at PAX, so if you're around, come play.

In the wake of Super Crate Box leading Sony's Playstation Mobile announcement at Gamescom, Super Crate Box is now also available on Steam. As always, for desktop and Mac the price of Super Crate Box is absolutely nothing at all, making it the second Vlambeer game to hit Steam and one of the few completely free games that are also free of in-app purchases on Steam. The exclusive WINNITRON multiplayer version of Super Crate Box will be playable at our booth as well.

We've teamed up with the amazing people at Level Up Studios to produce some really cool goodies. Us working with Level Up also means we're finally going to come around and deliver the prizes three people won back when Vlambeer just started out. Three Super Crate Box Super Limited Crates will be delivered to the winners of the three Super Crate Box contests almost two years ago. We feel pretty shitty about that taking so long, so we'll be sending them a free copy of a thing we're working on in a few months.

However, that's not all we're doing with Level Up Studios! At PAX, we'll have 250 equally amazing Limited Edition Crates available for sale at our booth. The Limited Edition Crate is a cardboard 6" crate, containing the first 250 CD's of the Vlambeer OST run, one of four Vlambeer t-shirts, an exclusive GUN GODZ 6" print, a bunch of cool pins and a Vlambeer USB stick with most of our games (including GUN GODZ) on there. There are only 250 Limited Edition Crates available for sale at PAX, but we'll try to spread them over all three PAX days.

After it turned out we had a spare computer, we decided that GUN GODZ will be playable at PAX, so if you don't have access to it through Venus Patrol, so here's your chance! The Vlambeer OST CD with -amongst others- the GUN GODZ soundtrack will be available for sale at the booth, featuring music by Phlogiston, KOZILEK, Brother Android and Alec Mauer. We also produced that one shirt we asked you about as one of the four t-shirt designs available.

After the Penny Arcade Expo, I'll be heading out to do a roadtrip across the United States to New York City. I'll be joined by Zach Gage and Mike'nGreg (of the amazing Gasketball), after which we'll spend a week jamming to wrap up Ridiculous Fishing. It's been a while, but the game that nearly killed Vlambeer might be releasing in a while. Ridiculous Fishing will also be available for you to play at our booth at PAX. After the jam, I'll fly out to Fantastic Arcade and meet up with JW again. He'll be keeping you updated on LUFTRAUSERS progress while I build this booth here.