Super Crate Box-month!

Rami has finally returned from his two-month journey around the world, visiting Gamescom, PAX Prime, Fantastic Arcade and the Eurogamer Expo to show off LUFTRAUSERS and depending on how nicely you asked, Super Crate Box Vita and Ridiculous Fishing too. we'd love to discuss the whole trip & all the events more than this, but there's important news we need to get out of the way first. Since Super Crate Box launched in October 2010, we're declaring October 2012 Super Crate Box month. Before we start, please click play on the player below for proper atmosphere.

Good. You feelin' those Super Crate Box vibes? Let's go.

Let's start with first things first: Super Crate Box is now available for your Playstation Vita for $3.49 through Playstation Mobile. It's also available for Playstation Certified phones and tablets. As far as we're concerned, this is the best mobile Super Crate Box version we've released: it's portable, it's precise and it has buttons. Super Crate Box is available in any country that has the Playstation Mobile store & will cost you about $3.49. Let us know what your highscores are.

If you're playing the music at the beginning of this blog post, you already know Eirik 'Phlogiston' Surhke went back into the studio and released a completely new, updated and arranged version of the Super Crate Box soundtrack. He calls it 'what the soundtrack sounded like in his head all along' and if that's what things in his head sounds like, you can consider us jealous. Luckily, he has the ability to put those things into downloadable form, so grab the album through his Bandcamp. As a bonus, the album contains the game with the new music in there. It's kind of an amazing thing.

Halfbot and Vlambeer are also updating Super Crate Box iOS with a minor patch. Some issues have been resolved, a few (amongst which the elusive laser gun) bug have not been fixed yet. The update is merely in preparation for a larger update hitting later, but it will also do some cool things for people that have both an iPhone and an iPad.

Finally, we'd like to officially announce a new version of Super Crate Box, tentatively titled Super Bread Box.

Not too many people will be able to play it, but as to the how and why (if you haven't figured it out yet), we'll have more information on this project later this month.

Next week! Rami returning home means that by next week, hopefully the Mac version of Super Crate Box Steam and the Steam icon for both versions will go online, too. We'll have more news about those limited edition Super Crate Box crates at PAX, how to get Vlambeer T-shirts, how to get your hands on one of those Vlambeer OST CD's and updates on LUFTRAUSERS and Ridiculous Fishing, too.

Now go grab Phlogiston's new Super Crate Box album & play Super Crate Box with the new music.