#2013yearofspace, Vlambeer Store launches and LUFTRAUSERS Closed Beta

It is now 2013, and we hope you've all saved NEO TOKYO from the forces of destruction by hostile forces. As #2013yearofspace has now officially started, we need to get some things done before we can focus on the wonders of space ourselves. You might have noticed we've started with offering merchandise a while ago - and we did that for two reasons. One of the reasons for that is that we just really like having physical things that we can touch. The other reason is that we often get the question whether people can donate to us, but we really prefer giving something in return for money. So, today we're launching the Vlambeer Store - which isn't really a store but more like a collection of direct links to things that allow you to throw money our way if you like our games. Of course, if you don't like our games but just really want that die-cut CD with KOZILEK and Phlogiston-tunes, that's completely OK too. Just hit the giant button in the header of the site to head over to the store.

First shot of SFMT

Late last year we started the LUFTRAUSERS closed beta, asking fellow developers, designers and some friends in the press to let us know what they think of the game. We're happy to say that we're extremely excited about the response we've been getting and we're reaching the point where we feel the game is almost done and ready for aspiring LUFTRAUSER pilots around the world.

So, that's where we're at after a full week in 2013. We fully intend to start the year strong with two games you might've been waiting for, and we hope you'll be along for the ride this year, too.