Vlambeer News Roundup - April 2013

LUFTRAUSERS = Almost done! This month, we spent most of our month recovering from the Indie MEGABOOTH madness at the Penny Arcade Expo and the Game Developers Conference. Rami visited Boston again after the Game Developers Conference for somewhat of a week off after two weeks of conferences as Jan Willem started wrapping up the final interface tweaks for LUFTRAUSERS. Zach Gage, Greg Wohlwend and us started working on a minor update for Ridiculous Fishing. We'll finally be updating Super Crate Box iOS shortly (think two or three weeks) and if things go well, a minor next project is already lined up beyond that and we're pretty excited about that one.

Photo by Polygon

Polygon launched the Human Angle article they've been working on for almost two years now. After news of the LUFTRAUSERS clone hit Pocketgamer and sent Rami into a frenzy of answering emails aboard a German train, Polygon also conducted a quick followup interview with us about our game development process and why we release freeware games first, products second.


We visited FMX in Stuttgart to talk about games and Ridiculous Fishing and then spent the last few days traveling back and forth between Indievelopment in Amsterdam and A MAZE Festival 2013 in Berlin. Rami hosted Indievelopment and fulfilled his jury duty at A MAZE Festival, where Henry Smith's Spaceteam was unanimously voted to be the Most Amazing Game of 2013. Jan Willem hosted Local Multiplayer Picnic A MAZE edition and jammed on 'Fold' for Ludum Dare #26 with a bunch of friends.

In terms of nice things, Eirik 'Phlogiston' Suhrke joined with Sanjjib to record a celebratory Ridiculous Fishing rendition as a thank you for the many people that bought the Ridiculous Fishing soundtrack already. We've been discussing streaming on Twitch.TV a bit more often - maybe once a week or two weeks, so we might start doing that after LUFTRAUSERS is done. Crunch isn't all that exciting to stare at.