Vlambeer News Roundup – May 2013

Antwerp Local Multiplayer Picnic - photo by @ludist The month of May might have seemed like a relatively calm month from the outside, but we've been working pretty much around the clock for various reasons, all of them labeled 'URGENT' and 'NEED THIS NOW' in our mailboxes. LUFTRAUSERS will be shown at E3 (lots of work) and the game itself is pretty much done and ready for certification by Sony. We don't know how long it'll be stuck in cert, but we hope to have more clarity on when the game is releasing when it clears all of that red tape. When it does, LUFTRAUSERS will release simultaneously on PC, Mac, Linux, Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

While the two of us were working remotely for most of the month - Rami traveling to events to talk to friends and keep in touch with our contacts and J.W. wrapping up his work on LUFTRAUSERS - we did get together for Jonatan Holmes 'Sup Holmes' last week. As always with Holmes, the interview is an hour and a half of interesting conversations and it included the first announcement of a new project after LUFTRAUSERS.


As J.W.'s work on LUFTRAUSERS is now done, he started focusing on that next project, while Rami has been working to get Super Crate Box iOS updated (which took longer than he hoped due to all the travels) while getting the OUYA version of Super Crate Box ready for E3 (yes, that is an announcement). The whole Ridiculous Fishing team has been working on the first update - which is ready for submission to Apple too.

For next month, we hope that all our work will pay off in a bit more practical way. If things go well, we think we'll have a bit more news on the new project (don't expect too much information while we figure out how to do this best), the release of updates to both our iOS titles and hopefully, finally, some clarity about LUFTRAUSERS release. Rami will be visiting E3 and both of us will be at Rezzed in Birmingham. We'll keep you updated.