If you just want to stay in touch, please consider our Twitter or Facebook streams. However, if you really want or need to contact us for any reason, there are several ways to do so:


If you have general inquiries, e-mail us at info@vlambeer.com. If you want to give feedback on one of our games or products, or you have a bug to report, e-mail us at feedback@vlambeer.com.

Business inquiries are welcome at rami@vlambeer.com.


If you feel like talking to us in person, call Rami Ismail at +31621206363.

If e-mail is too fast for you, snail mail is welcome at:

Vlambeer Neude 5 3512 AD Utrecht Netherlands

personal fan- and hatemail

Finally, if you want to contact just one of us, you can reach Rami or JW personally through the adresses listed under their name in the column to the right.